Spying On Bigger Authority Pages on Your Niche

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It is true that every business face competition.

In fact, if you have no competition, there is definitely a big problem!

Simply, this means that no investor believes in the possibility of making money in your industry.

Therefore, having competitors should make you happy and find a reason to put more effort into your business.

This competition trickles down to your marketing strategies, maintaining sales volumes among every business activities.

Overall, competition is a major problem that can lead to your downfall because it takes away customers.

A company without a stronger social media campaign and an on-going engagement plan with customers are leaving money on the table.

Even without copying, you must be ready to do exactly or close to what they are doing to obtain and sustain new followers.

This is done by spying what they are doing to achieve such a huge following.

At Upsalo, we believe spying on what bigger authority pages are doing can help you perfect your Social Media marketing strategy.

Below are approaches which you can use to spy authority sites with a huge following.

Use special tools for spying

Observing the moves of your competitors can help you compete and find loopholes in your social media marketing strategy.

Getting to know what competitors and big businesses are doing to get ahead is part of the entrepreneurial game.

Presently, there are many ways to spy on your competitors as well as bigger authority sites.

However, you should know the easiest of them all to avoid wasting time doing manual work.

There are many software and tools to use in getting all the information on the moves of authority pages on Social Media.

You can simply automate this activity while you concentrate on creating your own strategy.

Use tools like Sprout Social, Phlanx, and Social Blade among others

Track competing and big brands

In this era, people are sharing every piece of information including the experience they had buying or being served from the business premises.

Such is the information that you should be looking for Social Media.

Make use of both positive and negative feedback.

Of course, the negative will help you capitalize on the weaknesses of your competitors while the positive ones will act as a basis to benchmark the quality of your products or services.

In simple words, use Social Media as the network. You will continually see the Social Media mentions and the feedback that users transmit throughout social media related to your business, competitors and leading brands in your industry.

Follow competitors and big companies

You can spy your competitors by following them on Social Media, and maybe on every social media platform, to see how they engage with their followers.

However, try not to follow them using your brand profile. They will definitely know that you are spying on them.

Use a pseudo account or just create one with a real name and use them to follow competitors and authority pages.

Why it is important to track the activities of your competitors and big authority pages?

Mainly, you will benefit from tips and simple tricks they employ but they do not give them explicitly.

Moreover, you will learn how they reply to comments, what they like and share.

The main objective here is to assess how promptly they give feedback to issues raised by their followers.

Obviously, bigger authority pages have timely and helpful feedback that may help you improve how you deal with your followers.

Search their branded hashtags

According to social media experts, one must have a specific hashtag to represent your brand on Social Media.

Obviously, your competitors and authority pages use branded hashtags. Besides help from spying tools, invest some time to do research on your own.

Follow posts from competitors and authority page.

Ultimately, you will learn and appreciate various ways in which they use hashtags. You will notice that they use branded hashtags.

Afterward, search for the hashtags on Social Media to see whom else is using them and interact with them. There is a high tendency that you will lure some to buying from you.

In order to smooth the progress of your job, you need to find the hashtag used by authority pages, which is like a tagline for the business and search for it on the platform.

Get more information and know how they present themselves to their audience and how their audience sees them.

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