Simple Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

by David Njeri Last updated

Mistakes are a part of learning.

Even so, issues may arise when you continually make the miatakes.

A blogger should identify the simple mistakes and rectify the errors.

Below is a list of mistakes bloggers commonly make and approaches on how to correct them.

Using a Design with a Dark Background and Light Text

The beautification of your post is less important to the reader.

What matters the most is the clarity and readability of the content to your audience.

Readers have a difficult time when it comes to reading long online texts.

Presenting information in a simple and clear manner to the audience is vital.

Avoid using a dark background with light content because it is hard for the reader.

Too Much Clutter on the Sidelines

Readers dislike work that is sketchy and lacks organization.

As a blogger, you should aim for delivering sleek and orderly content.

When you have less clutter in your content, you have more white and clean space.

The element of orderliness in your work will assist your reader to spot your content easily.

As you may know, using photos and headlines will attract more audience.

Essential details like your awards are better off in their page.

You can later link it from your main page whereby readers will have easy access.

Once you de-clutter your sidebar, your readers will have an easy time navigating.

When your audience has fewer items competing for their attention, they will focus on the crucial things in your blog post.

Plagiarism in Your Content

Most of the bloggers appreciate unique and original work.

The unethical bloggers in most cases plagiarize on purpose.

However, a new blogger will not recognize what they are doing.

Confusion among new bloggers is paramount to the point of most of their content containing plagiarism.

Plagiarism is using data and facts that belong to someone else.

Apart from information, plagiarism also includes photos and music that belong to another person.

New bloggers often get caught up when they extract a picture from Google and use it in their blog post.

Bloggers should embrace originality and uniqueness.

Failure to Use Keywords and Phrases in Your Links

When bloggers use click here instead of keywords and phrases they complicate things for their readers.

It is crucial for bloggers to choose their link words carefully.

It would be best if you considered how to write a statement and at what point you will include the link.

After a blogger inserts the keywords and phrases, they make their link more effective.

Inserting Auto Loading Music and Videos

Readers always complain about the music videos which autoload in some of the blog posts.

Auto-loading music is a great nuisance to the audience. It has a bandwidth hog making your blog post load slowly.

Most readers will leave your blog post immediately it starts loading slowly.

Bloggers should provide fast efficient and reliable information to their audience.

In so doing most or all of the readers will remain happy and content.

Bloggers should entirely do away with auto-loading music.

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