Instagram Automation for affiliate marketers

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What is Instagram automation?

Unmistakably, experts explain as a way to get bots to the all the tasks for an Instagram user.

Apparently, Instagram users should avoid applying Instagram automation.

This is according to the current latest Instagram terms and condition.

If done in the right way, it is a stable and efficient way to grow the number of followers.

Can you get a ban?

Administrators will ban you when they notice you are using automation.

However, you can hide your tracks with the current technology and tools.

Consequently, you will make it increasingly challenging for Instagram to detect.

Instagram automation tools aim at mimicking human behavior.

For instance, there are automation settings to delay intervals for every like, follow, or unfollow.

These functions randomize actions of Instagram bots to be similar to what a human would do.

Exactly where should affiliate marketers apply Instagram automation?

Use Instagram automation in performing the following tasks.

Likes –automatically like posts with specific tags from particular people, and many more.

Follow – finds and follows Instagram profiles by tags, followers of specific accounts.

Moreover, you can follow those who comment or like particular posts and many more.

Unfollow –unfollow Instagram profiles after a certain amount of time or if they have not followed you back.

Posting – activate the ability to post photos, add captions, and post stories automatically.

Comments –automatically comment on photos with specific tags, from particular people, and many more.

Direct Messages –send direct messages to users who newly followed you.

You can also send an entire follower base or Instagram influencers you want to engage.

Additionally, make it difficult for Instagram administrators to notice your automated functions.

This will ensure that Instagram does not ban you from using Instagram automation.

Even more, they may ban you for good and close your account.

How do you ensure you are not banned?

You can do this in three ways.

Do not use Instagram automation for a continuous and lengthy period.

Furthermore, do not automate everything.

There are specific tasks that draw attention to your account if it looks like spam.

Only use Instagram automation for new posts, follow, unfollow, and to like photos.

Avoid automating direct messaging.

Particularly, do not automate comments.

You will have only one common comment to apply to a wide variety of photos.


There is a huge risk of using Instagram for using automation tools.

Importantly, note that automation is not the single solution to growing your Instagram following.

However, automation may have a substantial growth by when done correctly.

Most notably, use atomization with caution.
As an affiliate marketer, you can lose your following on Instagram.
Remarkably, do not be solely dependent on automation to grow your followers.

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