How to Write a Twitter Bio that Boosts Your Follower Count

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Often, a Twitter bio is one of the most overlooked features on social media profiles.

Most of us wrote one when they first joined, updated it a couple of times and left it at that.

The first thing followers see when they view your profile is your Twitter bio, either as a business owner or as an individual. Therefore, it is vital to have a good Twitter bio.

By writing a great Twitter bio, automatically you might increase your follower count.

Below we will discuss techniques that will help you write a perfect Twitter.

Avoid being too formal

Your profile may have different purposes, but Twitter is a personal social media platform.

You are likely to interact with individuals and business people.

Not many people enjoy interacting with someone who is too formal.

It is allowed to be a bit personal on your bio, especially if you are an individual.

You are likely to have more followers the more real you are on your profile.

Be yourself

There is no need to pretend on your profile instead display your best traits.

Maybe you can consider adding a single word to summarize who you are.

In this way, your presence will get across effectively.

If you are not yourself, followers might get confused on the way and decide not to follow you.

Sometimes this will decrease your follower count hence harming your professional efforts.

Share what you are passionate about

On your profile, include your hobbies, interests, and things you are excited about in your life.

Even in the real world, you are more likely to connect with people who have the same interests.

Social proof will help you gain followers. If you have awards you have won, consider adding them on your Twitter Bio.

Remember to add links and hashtags for proof of this.

The brief history about yourself talks a lot about you, and many people will connect with that. Your twitter count is likely to increase.


Reduce your buzzwords

Majority of Twitter users include buzzwords in their bio.

Mostly it happens as people think it will share who they are and what they do.

Unfortunately, followers see this as a dated technique that does not add much value.

Some of the typical buzzwords include social media expert, blogger, and writer, entrepreneur, marketing expert, Vlogger, and hustler.

Create an accurate twitter bio

There is nothing more boring and discouraging than a profile you are interested in following but full of mistakes.

Ensure your profile has no grammatical and typing errors.

Most people will not only get bored of reading a profile full of mistakes but also will not follow.

Make your profile more appealing and attractive with the first view.


If you are learning how to write a good Twitter Bio, spend ample time to make sure everything is clear and accurate.

Through this, you will achieve a higher level of authority and give your potential followers a sense of trust.

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