How to Increase Organic Search Traffic

by David Njeri Last updated

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is amongst the various things that you can do to get organic traffic.

If you want to obtain additional organic traffic, then there is no shortcut to achieving this.

Are you ready to work smart and increase your organic traffic the right way? Below are tips you need to follow for your success.

Make search engine easily access your blog

SEO purely involves making your site search engine friendly and give users what they need.

There is a various aspect of SEO, and it starts from on-page SEO, off page SEO, and Onsite SEO.

Onsite SEO is the best starting point. Make sure your site is indexable and crawlable by Google bots.

We always give you tips on SEO and the quality articles that will help you generate traffic from search engine.

The most important things to take care of are Titles, Descriptions, Broken links, URL, Tags, etc.

SEO optimized content

Create content that the search engine understands.

The best way to attract organic traffic is through content marketing.

The key to writing content gets based on something people are seeking.

For example, the content here is written to make people understand how organic traffic will help them and how to increase it.

Also, a Website selling fashion clothes can write content based on the kind of fashion that is trending and channelize it to drive traffic to their product page.

Writing SEO optimized content consists many steps from keyword research, writing content related to your target keywords.

It also includes promoting the material to increase search engine friendly.

So far we have covered almost everything you need to know about writing content that drives organic traffic.

Link Building

Linking building works as a trust vote.

This part of SEO strategies delivers excellent results.

Search engines favorite is quality links and dislike irrelevant links.

Ensure you have quality and relevant links in your blog.

Links can either be outbound links, backlinks, and reciprocal links, connect to other blogs directly or indirectly.

The significant thing is to make sure you get links from good PR and same niche blog.

Avoid buying backlinks for the sake of improving your search engine to rank higher.

Google has come up with an update called Penguin update, which flags all sites using spam ways to get links to the site.

You want the best and easy way to get a link to your site? Start Guest posting and using broken link building method. Write content that attracts organic backlinks.

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