Five Crucial Elements for Video Ranking Success

by David Njeri Last updated

For you to achieve video ranking success, there are crucial elements you will have to consider.

What does video ranking success mean? It means that if you perform a search query in YouTube for a particular keyword, various videos will come up.

Most notably, Video ranking success is almost the same as Google success ranking factors.

Below are the success factors for YouTube that may necessarily work.

Video views and Watch Time

According to experts at Upsalo, video views and watch time correlate very well. Both of them come with higher rankings.

Having a video that is competing against a competitor’s video, and you get more views, and a higher amount of watch time on average per view.

That means you are on the right path of making it through a more significant proportion of the video itself.

Therefore, you are likely to do better than your competitors are.

Match keywords with the searcher’s query in the title

Matching keyword is critical on YouTube than in the classic Google search.

It does not imply that traditional Google search is not essential, but in YouTube, it is even more critical.

From a study by UpSalo, matching the keyword phrase in the video title tend to perform a little bit better that leaving it with a mismatch.

Shorter Titles (<50 characters) with rich keyword descriptions

Ensure your titles are short with less than 50 characters. They should have a rich keyword description between 200-350 words.

This tactic is similar to search engine optimization and gives the same results.

It is important to attach the correct keywords in a video description.

Keyword Tags

YouTube will allow you to apply keyword tags to a video. Decades ago, it existed in Google SEO with Meta keywords tag.

The keyword tags increases the rankings especially for the recommended videos.

Some of those recommended videos are what appears on the right-hand side of the video player.

Most recommended videos are what plays when you keep watching a video,and it’s what comes up next.

They both figure prominently into earning you more views and increase your ranking also.

Specific video lengths perform and rank well

The videos that perform best with a higher ranking are those with 10-16 minutes in length.

Those with Under two minutes in length get disliked by the YouTube audience hence do not play well.

Four to six minutes videos get the most views.

At Upsalo, we would advise you stick to 10-16 minutes video unless you have a promotional video that may be shorter.

For example, for a new product launch, try to aim for a six-minute video to get the most views and awareness that you possibly could.

We have conveyed information; make it useful, interesting, and valuable at the same time. Become successful with YouTube tips created by our very own specialists.  

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