Benefits of Affiliate Marketing to E-Commerce Stores

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It is factual to state affiliate marketing has been around for more than 20 years. Major and world-class companies have ascended to stellar heights largely because of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is performance-based. It requires affiliates to generate leads that turn to actual sales. In turn, they get a reward for every sale. Sometimes, affiliates get rewards for every lead and subscription they send to a merchant.

Why you need affiliate marketing     

Do you run an online business? Are you still not sure about the marketing channel fits your shop best? Maybe, you already have a successful store and looking for new acquisition channels. However, you have are yet to incorporate e-commerce into your affiliate marketing activities. This article aims at explaining why affiliate marketing could be the next big sales driver for your online business.  Here are some reasons why affiliate marketing should be the next marketing channel you invest in.

You only pay for actual sales

Affiliates only receive commissions for actual sales that they have driven. One only pays for good quality affiliate traffic and not for ads on sites that do not end up working for your business. If the affiliate does not generate any sales, there is no need to pay them.

You control where to advertise your brand

In affiliate marketing, you are at liberty to select the partners you wish to work with. Therefore, you are in charge of where to promote your brand. In fact, you also control the affiliate to engage.

Affiliate marketing boosts your site traffic

It is worth noting that affiliate sends non-advertising traffic to your site. Through affiliate marketing, many people will be exposed to your brand for free. They will want to know more about the product and thus will regularly visit your site.

You get a competent sales team working for you

Most affiliate professionals have been practicing for several years. It is true to say that they have the know-how to drive quality traffic that actually converts. 

Loyal customers become your brand ambassadors

Affiliate marketing takes customer loyalty to the next level. One can achieve this by giving them an extra incentive to promote your brand. This is also a form of affiliate marketing where customers recommend your product or service.

You control your incentives

One of the greatest benefits of affiliate marketing is that you can manually set incentives. You have control whether you want to offer commissions based on actual sales or filled out lead forms. Moreover, you control whether to use newsletter sign ups or simply boost sales in a certain product segment.


These are just a few different approaches to affiliate marketing. Even more, one can alternatively start a program through affiliate network or make your own affiliate program. Each has its benefits and may be run concurrently. If you want more information about incorporating e-commerce into your online business, get in touch with us. Our experts at UpSalo will give you all the tips and get your e-commerce activities aligned with your affiliate marketing activities.

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