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UpSalo is an affiliate marketing platform that helps you sell more products by spending zero money on marketing. Your affiliates promote your product themselves and you pay them commission only when they make a sale for you.

  • 62,937 affiliates
  • 6,253 brands
  • 162,236 contracts

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  • We help the world's top companies exponentially grow their traffic.
Over 80% of our merchants see their first affiliate sale within 7 days of their joining, and we can promise the same to you.

Imagine 62,937+ Top Affiliates & Social Media Influencers Promoting Your Product

Here's how to get the most out of our platform:

1We do the searching for you!

We're constantly searching for the world class affiliates and social media influencers to add to our platform. Thousands apply but we only allow the best to join us.

2Get top-rated affiliates to sell your products at zero cost.

Place your website in our affiliate marketplace and let affiliates do the selling for you. Pay them only when they make a sale.

3Get social media influencers to pitch on your campaigns

Expand your audience and collaborate with over 140,000 top influencers that generate over 6 billion views a month.

Not getting enough sales? Try UpSalo.

Advertise your product in front of millions of potential customers. Drive more sales and reward world-class publishers for successfully promoting your products/services.

boost sales

Boost Sales

Collaborate with 62,937+ top affiliates & social media influencers to increase sales online & get more traffic to website.

generate leads

Generate Leads Online

Generate guaranteed & verified leads without spending valuable time in searching for them.

save cost

Save Cost

Spend zero money on marketing your website. Pay your affiliates commission only after they make a sale.

How Does Affiliate Marketing works?

  • affiliate join


    Affiliate links to one of our advertisers.
  • visitor click


    Visitor clicks on the affiliate link.
  • customer purchase


    Visitor purchases from the advertiser.
  • sale tracking


    Purchase is tracked by upSalo.
  • affiliate commission


    Affiliate receives commission.

Say Hello to our New Dashboard

Log in to your dashboard and monitor the performance of your program, browse transactions or manage affiliates and influencers!

No Hassle – We'll Do All The Hard Work For You.

Check Processing & Paying Your Affiliates

We will process and write your affiliates checks free of charge so you can focus more on increase sales ideas.

Getting Top Affiliates & Influencers On Board

All affiliates & influencers on our network go through a rigorous, multi-step vetting process and we only allow the best to join us.

Affiliate Support & Enquiries

Our happiness team is here to assist your affiliates with any questions they may have about your best affiliate programs.

Exclusive Tools For Merchants

Get full access to variety of merchant tools which can help you establish, build and grow your affiliate program.

Advanced Banner Serving & Tracking

UpSalo serves all banners, buttons, and text links for you using the state-of-the-art technology.

Bulk Products Datafeed Upload

You may upload a datafeed of your products, to be used by your affiliates, at no additional charge.

How UpSalo saves time & earn money for thousands of happy customers.

  • client testimonial

    Tons of merchants to choose from and the search feature is pretty good too. Payments are always on time and accurate. I've done about six figures with them and not one bad surprise yet.

    Atul Gupta, Owner
    Affiliate since 2019
  • client testimonial

    We made 12 sales in our first week. Very happy and excited - it is one of the best affiliate programs I have found and has a solid network of rockstar affiliates that can easily make you thousands of dollars a week. Customer support is excellent.

    Customer since 2019

A fifty-person company can spend upward of $50k per year on marketing their product!

UpSalo can lower that cost dramatically by connecting you with thousands of affiliates who’ll promote your product for free. You’ll pay a fixed commission only when sale happens.

299 One time setup fees

This is a one-time fees for lifetime access of the website and tools built exclusively for brands.

5 Network Fees

UpSalo.com charges you a nominal network fees per transaction. Every time your affiliate makes a sale for you, we’ll charge 5% network fees per transaction.

That’s it. No surprise cost, recurring fees, hidden expenses, or other costs to pay.

Sample Transaction

Let’s assume Jason is one of your affiliates and his commission rate is set as 10%. So if Jason makes a $100 sale, this is what you’ll end up spending:

Sale Amount $100
Jason’s Commission (10%) $100 x 10% = $10
Transaction Fees (5%) $100 x 5% = $5
Total Paid $15
Yours to Keep $85

Endless Opportunity. No Risk.

We are the fastest growing affiliate marketing network in the world. You are minutes away from building a mutually beneficial partnership with other businesses.

Brands / Agencies

Work With Top Brands

We are the fastest growing affiliate marketing network in the world. You are minutes away from building a mutually beneficial partnership with other businesses.

Affiliates / Influencers